Creator Highlight - FVCKRENDER

Zack Wolfe
December 6, 2022
8 min read


The artist who created a universe.

Frederic Duquette aka FVCKRENDER, is a self taught digital artist currently based in Vancouver, BC.

FVCKREDNER is one of the top NFT artists in the world, having sold 1:1s for upwards of 30ETH and having launched two successful generative projects, FVCK_AVATAR, a collection of 12969 3D rendered characters, and FVCK_CRYSTAL, a collection of 12969 3D rendered crystals.

FVCKREDNERs unique 3D art style has caused waves in the art scene. His use of simplistic yet futuristic subjects, etherial materials, and textures allow for a beautiful composition that keeps users hooked. Due to his constancy both in his output of work and his style, FVCKRENDER has been able to brand his work like no other.

Other than working with A-list celebrities, monumental artists, and having an extremely successful art career, he has also been working on something that took the world by storm. LVCIDIA.


After the launch of his series FVCK_AVATAR and FVCK_CRYSTAL, FVCKRENDER began working on what is now known today as LVCIDIA.

LVCIDIA is a web-based experience that allows visitors to explore his worlds, fly through space, collect hidden NFTS, participate in scavenger hunts, and according to the team, much more than that soon.

One of the unique features of LVCIDIA is the ability to generate materials by staking your FVCKRENDER NFTs such as the AVATARS and CRYSTALS. While these NFTs are staked, users generate an hourly amount of resources. The traits of the NFTs you own determine the output and type of materials that are being generated.

At the moment, users can create stars with the generated resources. The stars will produce LVMINANCE, but other than that, not much is known.

The FVCKRENDER team has announced that "something will happen" once the LVMINANCE limit is reached, and that the second stage of LVCIDIA will be feature-packed, containing more worlds to explore, more resources to generate, and more NFTs to craft with said resources.


I'm beyond excited to see where LVCIDIA will end up. With top tier graphics, beautiful NFTs, and utility like we've never seen, the future of LVCIDIA looks promising.


Article by
Zack Wolfe