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Zack Wolfe
December 3, 2022
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About Wuf Digital

How Wuf Digital came to light

Here I am writing my own Wiki, got to start somewhere!

My name is Zack Wolfe, i'm the founder of this whole thing. I'm 24 years old, living in Ridgecrest California (where's that you ask?) Well it's in the middle of nowhere, and it get's really fu*?king hot.

I've been creating since the day I got my first computer at 14 years old. From making awful skate brands to working with one of the richest men in the world, that computer took me on an unimaginable journey. (and no, I'm not rich because of that, I currently have $4000 in my bank account after building this project)

I began taking design and art seriously in highschool when I got my first client (it was a soundcloud rapper who never paid me), but, after realizing making money was possible doing the thing I love, I quit my steady job and went all in. My creative career had a shaky start, after relying on Instagram DMs for $50 album covers to pay rent for about a year, I finally got a DM from some guy named Jon Smith, an entrepreneur posting screenshots of his dropshipping store pulling in tens of millions. "This guy is either fake or the biggest douche I've ever seen" I thought to myself. Luckily, I was wrong on both accounts.

This mysterious Jon guy told me to meet him in Las Vegas so we can talk business, so my naive 19-year-old self with $100 in the bank account grabbed some clothes and packed up.

After meeting we realized we were a good fit and started building. Jon utilized my creativity by having me build websites for his extremely successful ecommerce stores, create ads for his products, and brand his companies.

Long story short, I was young and a shitty employee with a lack of time management. We decided to separate and went on our own path (for now).

Jon opened up my eyes to how powerful art and design could be. If done correctly, it attracts the ideal customer, it tells a story, connects brands to culture, and it makes otherwise basic things appear new and unique.

I became obsessed with the idea of branding. I wanted to know how Gucci can sell the same watch as Walmart for 100x the price, I wanted to know why I felt certain emotions while looking at a brand, and how I could inflict those same emotions.

I went on a journey to learn all the skillsets required to build my own business. I learned how to make custom websites like the one you're seeing, how to create more impactful creatives, what branding truly means, and the steps required to grow a company. I constantly invested in myself, if I ever had spare change I would buy training, assets, or start a new project that challenged me.

Fast forward to today, I've been working with some outstanding companies like Arts Help, doing what I love, and I'm ready to show the world what I've been learning. Thank you Jon.

(ps. we began working with each other again building Gadsden Cigars and Covenant Supplements)

What Wuf Digital Is Building


I'm currently building what you see here. I aim to make a hub that allows creatives to learn - a creative agency so I can do what I love and help grow brands - and an asset store so I can survive. All of my past experiences have led to this project, I'm building a community of like-minded creatives to learn and teach one another, hopefully to help new creatives avoid the hardships I went through, and old creatives to evolve and grow.

It's going to be a long road of hiccups, long nights, and mistakes.

I am so excited for this journey and hope to update this post soon with good news. Thank you for following this journey and I hope to provide you value.

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